Student Comfort Pads


Education is worth its weight in gold in Malawi. 

One of the most effective ways for women to become more independent is to get, and more importantly complete, their education. 

A reusable sanitary pad can determine if a girl stays in school, if a woman keeps her job or if she manages to grow enough food to feed herself and her family.  They are cheaper to buy and to produce, you can wash them, and they last for many months. A simple solution that has proven to have an enormously positive impact on the lives of Malawian girls and women.

Not only do reusable sanitary pads allow girls to attend school and women to continue to work during their period, the pads also empower them financially. We train women to produce them, and subsequently help them set up small businesses to Student Comfort Pads to the local population. In this way, we are actively helping Malawi women and girls to complete their education or keep their jobs, and to become independent businesswomen in the process.