Every child deserves the chance at a life worth living. 


Many children in Malawi live a hard life. A life without the guarantee of a daily meal. A life lived on the streets, without parents to hold their hand. A life without medical care, without education. A life for which they have to grow up far too quickly. 

The Children’s Fund of Malawi aims to provide those children with the chance to live a
different life. The chance to eat at least one meal a day. The chance to feel safe, to have a home and to be self-reliant. A better life. A life worth living. 


What we do

Find out about our organisation and mission, our methods,      and our past projects.

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How you can help

Become a contributor and help give a child in Malawi a chance at a life worth living.

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We are currently working hard to get our biggest project up and running: Green Malata Entrepreneurial Village. We have completed phase one: construction and initial operation. We have built a tea-room, workshops, an info centre, a library, and a bakery. 

And yes, it’s working. To date, we have trained more than 250 young people. We have started cultivating land, launched various self-reliance initiatives, and 10% of our yearly budget is covered by self-generated income.


All photography provided by Julia Gunther