In Malawi, access to technology and information in rural and low income areas is almost non-existent. Yet, the internet, and the vast wealth of knowledge it provides is a crucial tool for many in Malawi to be able to lift themselves out of poverty. As the saying "Knowledge is power" suggests, acces to online information is an important aspect in the empowerment of Malawian youth. 

Green Malata is proud to partner with ShiftiT, a Malawian non-profit organisation, that is offering our students private computing environments using Keepods, USB-stick based mini computers using a free, satellite based, information distribution system called Outernet. Thanks to this ingenious technology, our students can request information on the best way to, for example, dry tomatoes in the sun. This knowledge, previously inaccessible, provides valuable information that will allow them to start or grow a business, improve their learning intake, but most importantly broaden their minds.

ShiftiT has installed two Keepod-ready computers, and provided Keepod USB devices and Outernet receivers so that our students have accesss to either the Outernet or Internet and can enrich their vocational training courses.