Chiuta Home, Dzanja La Chifundo & Chisomo Club


Renovation, expansion and         improvement of orphanages.

Due to the AIDS epidemic, there are more than a million orphans in Malawi who often have to depend on the many orphanages established by NGO’s. Those orphanages in turn depend solely on charity, struggle with little to no funding, and are often in a terrible state of disrepair.

In 2005, CFM began assisting Chiuta Orphanage by providing clean water and sanitary facilities, dormitories with beds and bedding, a new kitchen, food and clothing, and salaries for a care-taker and matron. CFM also built houses and a school building for the teachers of the nearby Chigonjetso school.

CFM extended and improved the building of the Dzanja la Chifundu orphanage with the building of a new dining room/ kitchen, a toilets and shower block. The students were also assisted with gowelos and bursaries.

We built a “safe wall” around the Chisomo Club for street children.