The future seems bright for re-useable sanitary pads

Green Malata has just received an order for more than 5500 packs of their re-useable sanitary pads from Roteract Blantyre, an organisation for Rotarians Under 40.

In rural Malawi, a girl is likely to miss out on 26 days of school per year, because they have no access to basic female hygiene products. Sanitary pads or tampons are prohibitively expensive, and so, many of these girls risk their health by using like banana leaves or old rags instead.

In a country where education is worth it’s weight in gold, this is a real problem. Because, for Malawian girls in particular, education offers the chance for independence and a healthier lifestyle. Without it, their futures are bleak, and those 26 missed days of school trap millions of women and girls in a cycle of poverty. 

That is why Green Malata has decided to produce re-useable sanitary pads: an effective way to provide sustainable and affordable personal hygiene to those girls who need it most. These pads allow girls to improve their personal hygiene and, just as important, motivates them to stay in school. 

The more pads are sold, the more girls and women have access to a safe and effective solution to a uniquely female experience. The future seems bright for both the re-useable sanitary pad and those who deserve to wear them, and rightly so.