Every child deserves a life full of choices. 


Many children in Malawi live a hard life. A life without the guarantee of a daily meal. A life lived on the streets, without parents to hold their hand. A life without medical care, without education. A life for which they have to grow up far too quickly. 

The Children’s Fund of Malawi aims to provide those children with the chance to live a
different life. The chance to eat at least one meal a day. The chance to feel safe, to have a home and to be self-reliant. A better life. A life worth living. 


What we do

Find out about our organisation and mission, our methods,      and our past projects.

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How you can help

Become a contributor and help give a child in Malawi a chance at a life worth living.

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Our partner, Young Africa


We are so very proud to announce the beginning of an exciting new relationship with Young Africa International. Young Africa will help Green Malata, our entrepreneurial training village, to become a fully self-reliant vocational centre by 2020. For more about Young Africa, please visit their website.


At Green Malata, all our courses are coupled with income generating activities so as to not only introduce our students to practical money making ideas, which they can set up themselves once they graduate, but also because we want to make Green Malata as financially self reliant as possible. 100% of the funds raised by our income-generated projects go towards this goal, and are reinvested into Green Malata. 

And, it’s working. To date, we have trained more than 400 young people. We have started cultivating land, we have expanded our income generation activities to the surrounding area, and 15% of our yearly budget is covered by self-generated income.


All photography provided by Julia Gunther